Reboot your Website with TEBC


It's more than just a new coat of paint. Trent Evans Business Consulting will literally transform your website into something you can be proud of.

Get REAL traffic with SEO that works


You would never pay an employee to just sit there, so why would you do that with your website? Get REAL SEO that REALLY works!

Branding is a Promise, Not a Logo


When creating a brand... Everything from the product name to the logo to slogan is a promise to the customer. Every transaction creates a connection... Positive or Negative!

Perfection is SEO and Web Design working together

With proper planning no amount of Panda or Penguin Updates can derail your SEO program. That's real website design and SEO!

The aspects of SEO (On-Page Optimization, Link Building, Keyword Silos) now work together with the aspects of Website Design (navigation, visual appeal, layout, readability, content development) to create a place where the visitor ENJOYS learning, buying or participating in whatever it is that the site was designed/developed for. Search engines keep modifying the way they look at sites because their goal is to provide a good "referral" to their client, the searcher. So, if you want solid SEO you need someone who understand this and knows how to put it all together.

Google Panda Update by Rand Fishkin

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We enjoy working with our clients to give them exactly what they want. We love being innovative and suggesting creative ideas, but the client's happiness is always our #1 priority.

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