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sarasota ecommerce webdesign The most important part of Social Media and Social Networking is the interaction with existing clients and potential future clients.  We understand the dynamic between wanting to drive sales and wanting to gain fansor followers through the various social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Pintrest, YouTube, Vimeo, Delicious and Digg.

Why use Social Media

Social Media is important for a few different reasons.
First, the search engines now index various posts and interactions on social media as citations. The value of these citations can be directly measure to give the business immediate and accurate feedback as to the impact and direction of future posts and interactions.
Second, is that Social Media gives you the ability to give a personal recommendation from someone who likes what your company does to one of their friends/followers that you many never reach otherwise.  This isn’t easy, but this is where having someone who truly understand social media is VITAL!
Social Media Branding
You’ve spent lots of time and money in your company wide Corporate Branding strategy, why would you leave out your Social Media Networks? Your Social Media Networks are an extension of who you are and you company’s brand. Since they allow you market to people you might not reach otherwise, your networks need to be easily recognized and match your company’s branding.

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Social Media and Social Network Management

Proper Social Media and Social Network management involves understanding when and what to post to generate interactions from fans and followers. It involves prompt responses to these interactions that can generate further interaction or a business transaction.  A dedicated and knowledgeable social media expert can make this happen and is well worth the investment into your branding and social media strategies.
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