Sarasota Search Engine Optimization

Sarasota Search Engine Optimization

Understanding Search Engines

Search Engines like Google look at their ranking as a list of “referrals”. To them ranking your website higher than another website is like giving a referral to one site/company over another. Their whole intention is to give accurate valuable results. Your goal is to get as many “referrals” as possible from them. So how do you improve your rankings without risking getting penalized by Google.

How We Manage the Dichotomy of Improving Your Rankings

Most agencies try to manipulate the search engines to improve your rankings, that can be dangerous.  Instead, we understand how the search engines view your website and how to improve their perceptions of your website based on these factors.

It starts with understanding what the search engines are looking for regarding layout. There a fine line between function and form. The users experience is extremely important. From there you have to properly develop the content. This means not only original & quality content, but also delivered in a way that is valuable. Proper on-page optimization not only tells the search engines what keyword phrases your website is important for, but does so in the right way… Not spammy and putting your website at risk of penalization.

Finally, quality links are almost priceless.  The ability to create legitimate, quality, one-way inbound links that are industry relevant is crucial to the success of any SEO campaign. We build links that are just that valuable!

Search Engine Optimization Moving Forward

As we continue to deal with the ever changing landscape that is SEO and Search Engines, our experience over the years in the industry allows us to continue to modify and develop long-term SEO strategies that will work and give your website great results for years to come. We, unlike most SEO companies, look forward as we develop our SEO strategies, not backwards… Therefore we are actively placing our clients in the proper situations and to be prepared for the coming changes.

We let other agencies be reactive and respond to changes, we are proactive and plan for what is to come!

Sarasota Search Engine Optimization
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Sarasota Search Engine Optimization Sarasota Search Engine Optimization Sarasota Search Engine Optimization